Vendors listed in alphabetical order. This page only contains vendors which have requested inclusion in this listing and is not a comprehensive list of all market vendors. Not all vendors will be present at every market date.

A&S Nuts & Things

Sylvia and Art Goodrich have been residents of Groveland for 17 years. They have been doing the local Farmers Market for 4 years. Their booth display includes, honey, fresh brown eggs, nuts (including fire roasted peanuts), olives, health bars, dried fruit, trail mix and many new items this year.

Come and enjoy Sylvia and Art at their colorful booth display and happy atmosphere.

Growsemite Greens

Given a cape, a tiara, a rake and shovel the Growsemite Greens farmers are fairly certain that they could change the world - one carrot at a time. A dedicated disdain for consuming pesticides and herbicides, combined with a fanatical love for eating gourmet produce, has led the Growsemite Greens team to devote their energies to growing a rainbow of minimally handled, never chemically treated fruits and vegetables. Located in Greeley Hill, Growsemite Greens is one of the only farms local to the Tuolumne region. We look forward to serving the community as a reliable source for the finest produce that foothill growing can offer.

Mountain Balm Herbals

Terrie Schultz has been studying herbalism and alternative medicine for several years. She has attended the Sierra Institute of Herbal Studies and the East West School of Planetary Herbology. She started her company, Mountain Balm Herbals, in 2010. She makes natural personal care products including herbal creams and salves, insect repellent, poison oak remedy, lip balms, and other products that are free of harmful chemical additives.

You can visit her website at www.mountainbalmherbals.com

Mountain Mama's Artisan Breads

Mountain Mama's Artisan Breads & Goodies are savory's and sweet's to tickle your fancy, and just plain mouth watering. We look forward to meeting you at our Farmers Market.

Richard & Bonnie - Farm Produce

Richard & his brother Jim farmed in the valley at Sanford Farms, which was featured in the Sunset Magazine. We "retired" to Greeley Hill 7 years ago.

We are one of the original farmers at the Groveland Farmers Market and always have the best selection of organic veggies. Real tomatoes the way they should taste. Strawberries, big, juicy and oh sooo sweet - you'll love them!!! The best of the best: peaches, necterines, pluots, plums, etc. etc. Our veggies include squashes, okra, egg plants, and peppers that are sweet, hot, mild. We also have carrots, chard, beets, potatoes and more...

Please come by and pick up some great produce!

Richard & Mary Gail - Shaklee

Richard and Mary Gail Cripe reside in Pine Mountain Lake where they have lived for the past four years. They are both retired; Richard was a former school teacher and Mary Gail has been a piano teacher and accompanist for many years. Their involvement with the Shaklee Corporation dates back 30 years, though Shaklee has been in business over 50 years. It started out with nutritional products created in harmony with nature, and soon expanded to cleaners and personal care products. Integrity and harmony with nature have been Shaklee's hallmark. It was the first company in the world to be declared climate neutral, and it was recently recommended by the state of California to have the most effective detergent to use in gray water for the protection of the environment. We have gotten acquainted with many people in the Groveland area and look forward to meeting many more.

Here is a link you can look at for a little more info.

Special Photography by Terri Metz

Terri enjoys photographing her local area in Groveland, CA and Yosemite Nat. Park. She looks for the bits of forgotten history and finds the beauty in the scenery around us that sometimes others miss or don't have the time to see in their rush to be somewhere else. Terri's newest interest has lead her to taking casual portraits of pets and children in natural environments.

"De La Tierra Y Del Mar" - or - "From The Earth and Sea"

Terri is also now creating baskets from sea kelp. Each piece is different - never any 2 alike. She fills and decorates them with local natural mosses, lichens, pods, cones, acorns and dried berries and flowers. Some baskets can be used as wine bottle holders, battery operated candle holders, napkin holders and even potted plant holders or dried flower vases. Just too unusual to miss and they make for a very special gift.

Wheeler Farms

Fresh eggs are available for sale from local Wheeler Farms. Their well-cared for chickens are fed organic, vegetable and grain only feeds to produce healthy, hormone-free eggs. You can also order eggs by emailing wheelerfarmeggs@gmail.com